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Why Should I Brush my Teeth?

Brushing your teeth after meals and between-meal snacks not only gets rid of the food particles that you can see, it removes plaque from your teeth. Using fluoride tooth paste is important because the fluoride can help kill bacteria as well as make your teeth stronger.

Why should I Floss my Teeth?

Flossing removes plaque and food particles between teeth and under the gumline, areas your toothbrush can't reach. Because tooth decay and periodontal disease often start in these areas, it is important to clean them thoroughly on a daily basis.

What about mouth rinses and mouth washes?

If used as directed, in addition to brushing and flossing, mouth rinses and mouthwashes help to prevent tooth decay.

How often should I visit my Dentist?

If possible you should visit your dentist every six months for a preventative check and cleaning. We recommend that children see a dentist starting at 12 months of age.

What are some solutions to missing teeth?

Dental Implants are the number one replacement option for missing teeth. With certain cases, a secondary option is also available where we prepare a custom made bridge.

What is so significant about composite bonding?

Composite bondings are not only a benefit cosmetically, but it gives the tooth its natural strength back. Cosmetic bondings also help prevent fractures forming on teeth.

How can I make my smile whiter?

Chairside Bleaching with Zoom 2 is the number one procedure to whiten your teeth. Bleaching trays are also an option, but for better results it is recommended to follow both procedures.